With a background of sport, health and fitness from a young age, I have driven my passion and helped transform the fitness and lives of people for many years.

I started at Mar Hall Hotel, working with professional football players, Scotland National Team, AC Milan, Rotherham etc, as well as A-List Celebs such as; Justin Timberlake, Ellie Goulding, McBusted and much more.

I have had my own business for over 4 years now, which have had many different fitness classes on its timetable over the course, but have now stopped due to high demand for Personal Training.

After leaving Mar Hall, I decided to go fully self employed and make the leap into that kind of environment.

I am now working at Pure Gym, Clydebank, with over 25 monthly clients, each taking a minimum of 2 sessions per week.
I have my clients training hard during these sessions, but also ensure they are getting down to the gym on their own at least another 1 time per week.
During the week we train hard and eat right.
At the weekend, I let my clients have a day off to relax and refuel themselves… I’m not all strict!

With Personal Training, I am also a First Team Scout for Hibernian FC, which is what I spend my weekends doing.
Working with these athletes and different fitness coaches has really opened my eyes into different exercises and training methods which has different benefits for the body.
Every little helps as the saying goes, and this is my way to help improve my knowledge, which will ultimately help YOU reach your specific fitness aspirations.