Better To Live A Day As A Lion, Than 100 Years As A Sheep

Better To Live a Day As a Lion Than 100 Years as a Sheep

For anyone who knows me, they’ll know that I absolutely love Lions. I’ve even adopted one at Blairdrummond safari park!!!

But this picture here speaks a thousand words.

“Better to live a day as a lion, than 100 years as a sheep”

If you decide to live the rest of your days as a sheep, then that’s fine. That’s your decision. But to achieve what you want from life, sometimes you need to step out your comfort zone, and change the trend. NOT follow it.

If you decide to ‘live a day as a lion’, what if you see something you like. What if you begin to think “Yeah, I liked that”. What if you then live 2 days as a lion? Then 3 days?

Before you know it, it’s 10 years later and that ONE day you decided to be brave and completely change your routine around, has now led to you becoming a complete success in what you aspire to.

What if that’s made you a professional athlete? A millionaire? Or even proud of yourself and your body for putting in hard work!? Think about it.

You need to be brave in life to be successful.

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