‘Big Boned’… The Myth

Human Anatomy
“Big Boned People”

I’m sure we’ve all heard the old saying “I’m just big boned”. Never have I believed it.

And after seeing this, it actually scares me to think some people do believe it. A lot of people in Britain are obese nowadays. Infact, it’s that bad, we are SECOND in the world for obesity percentage. It’s frightening.

And what scares me most about this picture is that so many people in our country are living just now like this image.

Look how thin and delicate the bones are in this picture. Surely that can’t be good for anyone? I know a lot of people have illnesses which cause this, but that is a small minority.

For the sake of giving yourself a better life, your family a longer life with you, and for you to become that wee bit healthier and fitter to protect those delicate bones,
this picture is to the extreme circumstances.

But my main aim of this picture is to show just how fragile we really are and, that to get our bodies in a better shape, help us live a happier life with less illnesses/diseases, or in this pictures case… broken bones!!

Time to get in shape and think about your future, and your family/friends future!!!

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