Relax, Recharge… REVOLUTIONISE

Golf Course
St. Andrew Golf Course

Sometimes the stresses of work and your own personal life can build up and get too much for you. When this happens, it’s always good to get away and clear your head and forget about EVERYTHING!

For me, when I’m wanting to relax a bit and put everything to one side, I like to go up to St. Andrews and play a round of golf. I often finish my round of golf just after half 12 on a Saturday afternoon, to which I then relax and watch some football and sort out next weeks working schedule and sessions. It helps clear my mind and keep me relaxed and enjoying work.

After getting back home, I’ll feel refreshed and raring to go with work and my own training!! Sometimes it’s the simple things in life which really carry us through.

Remember, it’s always good and VERY IMPORTANT to switch of and relax…it keeps us sane!!!

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